A Unique Coastal Style

Build A Coastal Home In Mississiippi Pass Christian Bay ST Louis Waveland

Thornhill Construction is able to build homes that have a great coastal style and feel that meet the strenuous requirements for building along the coast of Mississippi. The elevated houses are original with their rafter tails, large wind shutters, screened porches and porch swings. Thornhill has the ability to renovate historic homes without taking away from their antique charm.

In addition to relaxation, the airy and open coastal house plan is an American tradition. It’s all about enjoying cool breezes, expansive ocean views and breathtaking sunsets. They also call for special elements in design, construction and material choices and must be built to meet specialized standards, withstanding weather and corrosive salt air.

Our coastal houses are specially designed to meet those criteria, and we can modify your design to meet any local building regulations or restrictions.